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Just Introduced:
Solar Shades Powered by the Sun!
New solar powered motorized solar shades from Insolroll

This new motor system eliminates battery replacement and gives homeowners a totally green motor product that runs off solar power and eliminates the need for any wiring or replacement batteries.

The new Insolroll motorized shades are available in two configurations, Rechargeable Radio Motor or Solar Powered Radio Motor. The rechargeable motor offers a six to nine month battery charge. When the battery runs low, it can be plugged into a standard motor charger just like plugging in a cell phone. The solar powered system uses the same rechargeable motor and uses a plug in solar panel to maintain a constant battery charge. The elimination of a battery wand and battery replacement is an industry first. The addition of a small 18 ½” wide x 1 7/8” high solar panel behind the shade makes window treatment motorization totally green.

The Insolroll® Solar Powered Rechargeable Motor is available on small to medium sized shades up to 48 square feet. The shades are easily programmed to a family of proprietary hand-held transmitters and wall switches. Transmitters are available with up to five channels and group control capability.

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